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We Keep Our Eyes Open on our environment


We are datalove Defenders


As Makers We rebuild

Our project

SHIELD : Secured Hidden Investigation Equipment for Light Division
Presentation for the Hacking night @_Sec_C
PDF version : SHIELD (english)

Building a web server based on Raspberry PI capable of centralizing and encrypting collected data from critical areas



All is about Plumbery

Bridging skills is one of our strengths : we are good at debating and figuring out what the best practices are

Compared to a network there are some basic and universal rules that can be applied without overkill solutions

Even if we are to deal with serious questions , we are driven by fun and passion

We struggle to avoid bad instinct or too emotional feeling that could mislead our projects

As geeks, as makers we believe that the code must be open and free. We do promote Libre and Free Software :)

Since Edward Snowden's revelations, the whole world is aware of the mass surveillances abuses. As citizens we defend our right to privacy therefore we promote the use of Free and Libre software for it confers the users 4 liberties that are at the suburbs of Human of Rights



Friends and Bots

Our Crew

These are our organic components : @fo0_ @haplo4 @nicoladiaz @qolund @okhin @spartition