Howto add Google Analytics Opt-out Notification to your website


Add Google Analytics optOUT to your SPIP website

your SPIP template should include one file called "stats_GA.html" Then in your article or/and section template add between <head></head>   <INCLURE{fond=inclus/stats_GA}> then copy/paste this code into stats_GA.html and adjust it [(#REM) code analytics ] <script type="text/javascript"> gaProperty = 'UA-4154820-XXXX' var disableStr = 'ga-disable-' + gaProperty; if (document.cookie.indexOf('hasConsent=false') > -1) { window[disableStr] = true; } function getCookieExpireDate() { ...

Slack Space Hiding

slack Space hinding

Hide data into Slack space : 1 - What is slack Space When you format a partition, you define a block / cluster size (ie: 64b). Later, you'll copy files on the filesystem. The slack space is the unused size of the blocks you've written on. Let me illustrate : You copy a 110b file on /dev/sda2 which has a block size of 4096b. Then you'll have 4096-110=3986b of unused space on the block. Let'ssay the sectors are 1024b long, then youl'll have the 3 last sectors free of data. The remaining space of the first sector is called "datahole...

Help Support the Little-Known Privacy Tool That Has Been Critical to Journalists Reporting on the NSA

Glenn Greenwald:
“Tails have been vital to my ability to work securely on the NSA story. The more I've come to learn about communications security, the more central Tails has become to my approach.”
Tails is an operating system that can be started on almost any computer from a DVD or USB stick. It attempts to solve many of the problems users have when setting up encryption tools for the first time by "doing the right thing" out of the box, by default: It forces all of your web traffic through the Tor anonymity network, so you don’t have to configure any of the settings on any program. It allows you to use GPG encryption when you are emailing and/or OTR encryption while instant messaging, with little setup required. It...